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Soul food for 25
I'm hosting a soul food barbecue for 25.The menu includes Barbecue Ribs and Chicken Mac&Cheese Mustard & Turnips Greens Potato Salad and Corn Bread.
How many bunches of greens would I use?(I will be using fresh greens)Most people will eat ribs and much of each? how much mac & cheese? The 25 guests include 5 children but the adults are big eaters.
Thanks in advance.
Hello again, LaWanda,
1/2 pound ribs plus 1 quarter chicken per person. For the greens use 1/4 the amount on the plan for 100 table for vegetables at the bottom of the plan for 100 page. 3 9x13 pans of mac and cheese- that is about 3 pounds of pasta. I would o half turnip or mustard and separately half collards, which have a milder flavor, unless you are sure of the taste preference of your group.

2 or 3 9x13 of squash casserole would be delicious with this.

grilled sweet potaoes would go eill with the soul food menu
grilled sweet potaoes would go well with the soul food menu