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Stuffing Chicken
Hi Ellen:

I am serving boneless chicken breasts stuffed with Feta and spinach. Is is safe to stuff the chicken the day before or will this be a possible cause of food poisoning? I would like to stuff it today so that I can just bake it tomorrow. But I think this might be a problem.

I also want to know if there is anyway of preventing meat (chicken/pork) from drying out. It will be cooked at my place and served at another location later. It will need to be kept warm prior to serving (transporting to serving location and being served from chafing dishes). I am worried that the meat will get dried out.

Thanks for your help.


Yes, you can stuff the day ahead. For safety sake, keep everything in the fridge, only pulling out about 15 minutes worth of supplies at a time, then back into the fridge ASAP.

The meat dries out because it is overcooked. Cook JUST to 165 in the center of the stuffing; chill at once, if cooking ahead, or turn down to 180 if holding. If moved cold, PREHEAT ovens before putting in the items to reheat, have just a single layer, pour on a hot broth or suce/gravy and cover tightly before reheating to 180. DO NOT try to reheat/ warm in the chafing dishes, it is not safe, you have to use on oven or roaster.