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Fundraiser Dinner
HI I am having a fundraiser Dinner for 230 guest I plain to make Baked Ziti a Fresh Salad and Roasted Tomato Basil Soup
If you could help me figure out how much I need for each dish it be very helpful I never shopped for this much at one time.
Hi, Christina,
I would suggest you not do the baked ziti, which has tomato and cheese, with that soup. Either do a pasta with a creamy sauce (see the Alfredo style sauce for 100 on the spaghetti page) or do a vegetable or cream soup.

For amounts? 12 pounds of dry pasta per 100 plus 6 1/2 gallons of soup per 100 if no seconds. Increase everything about 10% if self serve. salads, see the plan for 100 page

Many people would expect garlic bread with this menu; 12 pounds per 100.