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What do I fix??
I have been asked by the local County Fair Board to cook a good home cooked meal for a Country Bank coming to our County Fair. Justin Moore Band from Alabama. They have asked for no pizza which I would not have done anyway and no bbq. Should I go ahead and make Mashed Potatoes & gravy with roast and all the trimming or better to do Jambalaya or Grits?? Any menu idea would be very
You don't say what part of the country, but shrimp and grits are one of my very favorite foods. What about doing this plus grillades for a nice set of choices, rice side dish, a couple of veggie casseroles, maybe corn casserole or scalloped tomatoes and maybe some mirlitons or another great squash dish. Then invite me!
Oh??? I'm from Iowa and we have mashed potatoes, gravy and roast beef but I'm not sure people from the south really like mashed potatoes??? Never made Grits??? but Grits and Shrimp do sound very good??? How many pounds of shrimp would I need for 11 men and would I need another meat choice if so what????? should the rice side be hot or cold???? Scalloped tomatoes??? Sounds good??? Do you have any of these recipes on your site somewhere???? Let me ask what do you think???? Should I make the mashed potatoes and roast with maybe a ham or should I make the grits and shrimp?? The only thing I have been able to find out is they like Belgiun beer and like to fish???? Having a hard time with this one????? THank You!!!!
This is an interesting question, and since you are in Iowa, I would say, go with regional specialties. Bands on the road don't get a lot of Sunday dinners, that is an excellent model for this chore. The pot roast and ham sounds excellent. How about good rolls and butter, a corn casserole, sweet potatoes, maybe green beans; add scalloped potatoes or real baked mac and cheese instead of mashed? And then Southern folks do like their serious desserts; a cobbler with a side of ice cream (anybody have their ice cream churn out already?) would be great.
You would like the other dishes we discussed, but the time to start with them is not with this event.
EXCELLENT!!Thank you so Much!!! Roast and Ham it is!!!
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