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Buffet for 200
We're having an Italian wedding buffet at an outdoor wedding reception. We're serving lasagna, penne pasta alfredo with chicken, meatballs, salad, and garlic bread. Is that enough variety? We plan to add bowls of olives and maybe a large hunk of parmesan on the buffet (?) The reception will probably begin at 7:00.
Yes, that is enough variety, but I would either have about 1/3 of the lasagna vegetarian or add a veggie dish that could act as an entree for the non-meat eaters; with this many people, there will be some. Eggplant Parmesan? Ratattouille?

I would not do the Parm; I would do other great Italian cheeses, fresh mozzarella, etc, that are more inviting and easier to eat. I would probably add fruit trays or more antipasto/relish tray type veggies (see the veggie tray page for ideas), about 3 ounces per person. These would be out on a nibble table when people come in, while they wait for the bride and their dinner. They will be hungry by 7 PM.

Thanks for the advice. I will probably add vegetarian lasagna to the mix. We are having a cocktail hour prior to dinner. We plan to have about 4 different appetizers to choose from on passed trays. Again, this is outdoors (in the south) and we want things that be OK at room temp. We plan on anti-pasta skewers, home-baked pita chips with hummus (pre-filled with pastry bag) and pesto sun-dried tomato roll-ups (made with phyllo dough, sliced and baked). We considered nuts in individual paper liners,what do you think? Should we include fruit? How many per person with dinner to follow?
The general idea is good, but you should experiment with the pitas- they may sog up. I would consider a fruit kabob or skewer, pretty and goes with this assortment, or else a stuffed veggie- tiny potatoes, big cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber cup, etc. Just put the nuts around and let people help themselves.
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