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Cooking for Men's Church Group
Nancy Farren
Ellen - How much would you adjust a recipe that is being served to only men? I am serving beef and chicken fajitas to about 50 men. A good number of these men are runners, so I was planning a 60/40 split chicken to beef. Would 10lbs of chicken and 8lbs of beef be enough? I am also planning 3 tortillas per person.

Thanks and I love you site!

I am afraid you are a little short here. First, there is a reason these dinners have Spanish rice and Borracho beans offered ahead of the meat- otherwise the guys eat too much meat. So add them. Then you want more beef than chicken- 4 ounces ready to eat beef (that's 1 pound raw for each 3) PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat chicken (1 pound raw boneless for each 4- I use chicken thigh, moister and more flavor). Plus an equal weight of mixed peppers and oniosn. Plus 4 tortillas per person, unless they are the very large ones.
Thank you so much for your help! I am going to use your recipes for the rice and beans and I used the potato bar menu for the condiments. I will definitely change the amounts I will use. I am so glad I found your site!!