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Coffee Singles
Dear Ellen,

I am overseeing an informal wedding reception meal for 200 people. The bride has chosen to go with coffee singles instead of percolated coffee.

Here is my situation - the following will be available while the bridal party is finishing up pictures: raw veggies w/dip, fruit salad, pickles, olives, pretzels, lemonade and coffee singles.

Once the bridal party arrives, the hot food will be added to the buffet table (sloppy Joes, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans).

Can you offer any guidance on how many boxes of singles I should purchase? She would like regular and decaf. Iím thinking less decaf than regular but really have nothing to base that on.

Thank you,

Coffee singles for 200 people? Yikes! Cost and mess-wise both, I would encourage her to go with two urns. Use the dinner coffee outline on the beverage page, it talks about regular and decaf.