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We are preparing a sit down buffet for about 100 people to celebrate an anniversary. There isn't a big kitchen at the location. We are thinking that lasagna would be a good choice because it will stay hot when transported. We plan to heat it, wrap it in towels, and place in coolers. When it gets to the party we plan to use racks and sterno from Sam's Club to keep it hot. We planned to buy frozen ones, and then I found your recipes amd I am considering making them. The freezer one sounds tastier to me than the budget one. I do have a couple of questions on it though. The recipe doesn't say to soak the no boil noodles in hot water first. However, I have seen that recommended in other places on your site. Also, does it turn out better if I cook it then freeze it or just use extra sauce then freeze it and cook it last. I prefer my lasagna on the saucier side. I would also rather put the lasagnas together in foil pans and freeze them in those pans. Will they keep as well that way? I am guessing we would need about 10 half size steam table pans. The dimensions on the package for the pan are
12 3/4 x 10 3/4 x 2 9/16. 2 of these fit in one of the sterno racks. Also, we would really like garlic bread but I can't figure out a way to keep it hot, so I think we will have to settle for fresh bread and butter. Any tips you have would be great. Thanks!
I make the suggestion about presoaking on the spaghetti/ lotsa pasta page, it is a good idea.

They taste better if frozen uncooked, thawed in fridge and baked. They are excellent frozen in pans.

Preheat the coolers by filling with the hottest available water.

The pans hold just over a gallon each. Serve 12-14 per pan, depending on sides.

How about borrowing or buying ($30 each at Sams) a couple of 18 quart roasters for hot bread and having also some great not heated Italian rolls, rye-onion and other good fl;avors?

Thanks for the quick response. We already have a couple of Nescoe roasters, but I'm not sure if they will be in use for something else. We're deciding if we need hot veggies in addition to lettuce salad. About how many loaves of bread would fit in an 18 quart roaster? Should we just wrap the garlic bread in foil and pile the loaves in the roaster? Is it alright to put them directly on the bottom to save space, or should we use the rack? How long would it take to heat up a full roaster full of bread and what temperature setting would be best?
Thank you so much!
The thinner baguettes fit more than the larger Italian style loaves, you can usually do about 6 pounds of bread in one roaster, preheat the roaster a full 20 minutes and use just like an oven. Use a rack if it heats from the bottom such as Hamilton Beach, Rival. OK to use no rack if it heats from the side like a Nesco.
We are planning a fund raiser for our organization for about 130 people. We will be making Lasagna. How many lbs of dry lasagna will be needed. How many trays?
See the lotsa pasta spaghetti page for specific help on this.