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how much food for 140ppl-40under 18yrs old
how much of all this do i need? thank you
bbq chicken-hamburgers-hotdogs-ribs-buff.wings-potato-macaroni-pasta salads watermelon-beans-coleslaw-cornbread-rolls-cob corn-frozen appetizers-condiments. wedding reception 630pm to 12am 140 ppl 40 teens/kids
Brittany, this is a DIY site, where you use the many available charts and articles to make an estimate and the if you still have questions, post your estimates and I will check them.

Teens eat more than adults, preteens and younger eat less, so they will probably balance out.

bbq chicken-hamburgers-hotdogs-ribs-buff.wings-
I would count the wings as part of the appetizers, allow 2-3 pieces per person.
bbq chicken-hamburgers-hotdogs-ribs- this is more choices than I would plan for this meal, and makes it very hard to estimate amounts. The ribs will displace everything else, and I would either skip the hot dogs entirely or replace with Polish sausage, more tasty by far.
ribs, 1/2 pound per person
chicken 1 piece per person
hamburgers 50-70
sausages, same

potato-macaroni-pasta salads
35 pounds potatoes, 4 -5 pounds each dry macaroni and pasta
watermelon- 1 pound per person if it is the only dessert

All these are in the tables:
rolls- as needed for the sandwiches plus 1 per person

cob corn- 1 piece per person

frozen appetizers- 6 bites/ pieces per person

condiments- see the sandwich event page

thank you i kow the info is in the tables i was just tryig to figure out how much of each i would need b/c there are so many choices. i going to just try and break it down by the total serving amount needed for the amount of ppl. thankyou again your site was extremely helpful!!!
I have two 18 lb. turkeys to smoke and cut up for sandwiches and two boneless hams to slice up for my son's graduation. Will have two types of cheese for sandwiches as well as potato salad (5 lbs), macaroni(4 lbs) salad veggie trays, fruit salad 5lbs)and desserts as well as coffe, punch and water. This is for approx. 150 people with some teens and some children and mainly adults. I am thinking I may need to make sloppy joes to round out menu and make sure I have enough food. What do you think
Hello, Kelly,

This looks like you need to rework the quantities if you are planning a dinnertime or lunchtime party for 150 teens and adults.

two 18 lb. turkeys= 36 cups meat, about 18 pounds and two boneless hams= about 15 pounds? Need at least 1/3 more, or sloppy joes from about 15 pounds meat
bread-18-20 pounds
two types of cheese- 25-30 pounds
potato salad (5 lbs),-salad from 45 pounds potatoes
macaroni(4 lbs)- salad made from 9 pounds dry
salad- 1 bunch for 100 per the plan for 100 list
veggie trays, 25 pounds plus dips
fruit salad (5lbs)- 25-30 pounds

desserts- see the dessert planning page
coffee, punch and water- see the beverage planning page, use dinner level coffee