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reception finger food
I was wondering how much finger food to prepare for a wedding reception for 100 people. We are planning to fix cucumber sandwiches, pinwheel tortilla roll-ups, breadsticks and dipping sauce, veggies, and crackers with dip. We may also include banana and pumpkin breads and pretzels. The wedding is in 3 weeks, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Karlene, what time of day? People eat twice as much at mealtime as in the middle of the afternoon. I would add fruit trays and some kind of cheese unless it is all ladies.
The wedding is at 3 pm, so the reception will begin at 3:45 or 4:00. If we served fruit and cheese, would we need the banana and pumpkin breads? Thanks for your input.
OK, good, this means people will have eaten lunch and won't yet be ready for dinner.

Yes you want both fruit and the fruit breads; otherwise not enough sweets.

cucumber sandwiches, tea type sandwich, 1 sandwich per person, making about 3 pieces. However, these get soggy very easily; need to be made morning of; consider a second rollup or another filling (see the tea sandwich page).
pinwheel tortilla roll-ups, 2 pieces per person
breadsticks and dipping sauce; unusual choice; 1 to 2 ounces per person plus 2 tablespoons sauce
veggies, 2 ounces per person plus dip/dressing
cubed or sliced cheese or logs/spread 3 ounces per person
crackers 6-8 pounds per 100
crackers with dips, 1/4 cup dip per person
fruit trays see the fruit tray page, 3-4 times the tray for 25
fruit breads, 2 slices per person (One small loaf per 5, assorted flavors
cream cheese spread 1 ounce per person

See beverage planning page for help with coffee (use dinner coffee), and other beverages.

Thanks for all the info. I forgot to add cake with nuts and mints...I was mainly thinking of the finger food...with that in mind, do we need fruit and fruit bread?
I assumed there would be cake. If you do not have at least fruit, it seems to me the table will be quite dull and bready/starchy.
And picture it visually; pretty much brown and white...
Cheryl Ruffin
50th Birthday Party, 100 people
I am going to have Baked Mac & Cheese. I am thinking 3 large alumin pans, roast beef & gravy
1& 1/2 pan. Mashed potatoes 2 large alumin pans, green beans 2 large alumin pans, corn 2 large alumin pans, meat balls 1 large alumn pan, fried chicken wingetts 2 large alumin pan. Whole sheet cake, strawberry shortcake, cheese cakes. What can you suggest for me to make sure I will have enough food. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks for any suggestion.
Cheryl, I have no idea how big your large pans are. You need:

Baked Mac & Cheese. 8-12 pounds dry
roast beef & gravy- 35-40 pounds ready to eat meat
1& 1/2 pan.
Mashed potatoes- 35 pounds raw potato
green beans- 22 pounds ready to eat
corn- 22 pounds ready to eat
meat balls 1 large alumn pan, 2-3 ounces per person
fried chicken wingettes, 2-3 pieces per person

Whole sheet cake, cuts 60-80 pieces
strawberry shortcake, 40 pieces. I would get mini cakes
cheese cakes, 40 pieces I would suggest cheese cake bites, 100 pieces instead.

Thanks, Ellen for your recomendations, they are so greatly appreciated.
We are having an after dinner reception at a conference and are to plan for at least 200 people. Cake is provided by the conference but we are to prepare cheese straws, toasted pecans, mints and M & M chocolate candies. How much should be prepared of each so we will not run out. There might be a few more than expected at the event.
Per each 100:

8-10 pounds cheese straws
6 pounds each, pecans, and M&Ms
4 pounds mints if plain, 5-6 if chocolate, butter, Andes, etc

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