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Reception for 85
I am doing for a friend: Here is my menu and my question is how much should I have or how many platters or pans?

veggie tray/spinach dip
anti pasta salad
ham to carve
whole chickens cooked and cut up
pulled pork
hash brown potato cassarole
deviled eggs

Need more info; is this lunch or dinner and is it buffet? Any particular reason for no veggies with all the meat? What is your cooking facility?
That is what they wanted. Night time buffet. It has a kitchen for heating up things. Should I get rid of the chicken?
OK. I would get rid of the whole chicken; do baked thighs with some seasoning for ease of serving and a non-pork offering.

85 people

cheese/crackers 12 pounds and 5 pounds. Cheese can be part balls, logs, spreads.
meatballs- 2-3 ounces per person
veggie tray/spinach dip 2-3 ounces veggies, 1/4 cup dip per person
anti pasta salad- see recipes on site with and without meats
ham to carve- get spiral sliced- 1 pound per 4 people
whole chickens cooked and cut up- thighs; 1 piece per person. 8 pounds is just about always 18 pieces.
pulled pork-1 pound each 4 people
YOU need rolls, vinegar/ Lexington slaw and condiments- most people make sandwiches- see sandwich event page and slaw page for some help
hash brown potato casserole- see the last recipe on the festive family brunch page. Borrow an electric roaster to make and hold/serve these.
deviled eggs- 1 egg per person
rolls 2 smallish or 1.5 large per person
salad- see plan for 100, use 3/4 the amount for 100 since you also have the antipasto. Or look at the salads that hold page.