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Pickles and Olives
Dear Ellen,
I just posted a different veggie question concerning a meal for 200 that I am overseeing (sloppy Joes, macaroni and cheese, raw carrots/cauliflower/broccoli, pretzels, fruit salad, baby dill pickles, sweet gherkins, black and green olives). I have looked at your guides for the quantities of the pickled items but would like your thoughts on my concern. In my opinion, olives and gherkins are items that people either really love or they hate. From the product jars, this is what Iím finding for planning purposes:
Olives: 3-5/person
Pickles: 1 Ĺ pickles/person
Based on the menu above and my concern about how many may actually like the olives and gherkins, what quantities would you suggest of each (black & green olives and the baby dills & gherkins)? Thank you.
These numbers actually work pretty well for large crowds. I would allow 3 each black and green olives plus about 2 ounces, half and half, of the two pickles.