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Wedding Reception
We are planning a backyard reception for about 80 people. I am trying to create a food budget....if anyone has a dollar amount from experience, please let me know.
Our menu so far is baked ziti, seperate tin of sausage, onion and peppers, side salad and sliced french bread. According to what I found, looks like we will need 15-16lbs of pasta. Is that close? Can you help me out with sauce, salad, dressing, etc amounts?
Also can you recommend a couple inexpensive apps or munchies for the cocktail hour?
Check the spaghetti dinner for 50-60, make 1 1/2 times the quantities and you will be OK. Plus 4 -5 ounces sausage (1 pound per 3 persons) plus an equal weight of peppers plus onions.

Consider the appies on this page:

Add 1 relish tray from the top of the veggie tray page and you have good choices for your munchies.

Landa T.
Wedding Reception for 300 guest
Caesar Salad =
Green Beans w/Smoked Turkey =
Red Potatoes =
Honey Glazed Wings =
Appetizers for 30 tables of 10 ppl =
Landa, this is not how we do things on this board. Use the posted tables to make your best estimates and post them, and I will be glad to check for you. You need to include the time of day of the meal, the COMPLETE menu (can't imagine the wings are an entree), length of the party, whether alcohol is served and whether it is buffet service or plated.
We are tring to figure how many lbs of sliced meat and cheese to purchase for sandwiches.
300 Guest,inside ,Wedding is at 2:00.
They are also serving chicken tenders, Vegetable tray, fruit tray, Soup, Chips and dips. Cupcakes.
On the sandwich page, there are amounts for a reception for 100, this is what you need; 2 1/2 times the amount for 100.