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Pork Chops for a Crowd
Ellen,It's me again...You're such a big help when I have big cookin' questions! I'm doing breakfast for 18 men, and my hubby wants to serve thin pan fried "breakfast" pork chops alongside the eggs.Would it be possible to fry these the night before and then just reheat on tightly foiled cookie sheets in the oven? Or will this greatly affect quality..I'm concerned because they are so thin, this may dry them out. Thanks again. Leandra
If I needed to cook them the night before. hat I would do is what the texmex restaurants around here do- cover them with a good preheated salsa before covering to reheat, Then reheat in a preheated very hot oven (425-475) just long enough to get them really hot- which isn't long. Try is for a family Sunday breakfast, you'll see what I mean.