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Italian dinner for 90
Hi Ellen!

You have helped me more times than you even know!! :-)

I am catering a meal for about 90 adults. I'm a licensed caterer, but I do a whole lot more dessert buffets than I do full meals. I love both - we just have a lot of caterers in town and I'm *not* the cheapest. :-)

Here's the plan:

Manicotti (190 shells divided between 4 full-size 2.5" deep steam table pans)

Pre-dressed winter salad with toasted pecans, paper-thin red onion slices, and dried cranberries (3 clear plastic 4" deep cold food pans)

Roasted green beans with caramelized pearl onions, bacon, and toasted almonds (2 full-size 4" deep steam table pans)

Garlic cheese bread (10 loaves sliced in half lengthwise, then into 7 slices each - giving me 140 slices)

2 sheet pans of Italian Creme Cake cut into 30 slices each

70 individual Chocolate Truffle Cheesecakes with white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis.

Thoughts on this?? I have the most trouble estimating my main dish...but I could use your thoughts on the rest as well.

Thanks so much, Ellen!

This looks OK. I would put the onions separately from the salad; don't like them raw and hate picking them out. For color, maybe long shreds of carrots?
Unless it makes the pieces way too small, I would cut 90 pieces on the cake- people will really notice if it runs out.
Good point about the onions...I realized last night I had onions in two things and I normally never do that! Off they go!! :-)

I have about 50 slices of bread less than I do manicotti - you really think that's alright?

I think I would rather add another sheet of cake than cut the pieces any smaller. With two desserts, you think its necessary to have that much? I was considering adding a large pan of apple crisp - one dessert is chocolate and the other loaded with coconut - so I thought a pan of crisp might be safe. Do you have an opinion on that?

Last question. With water and a full coffee bar, do you think 5 gallons of punch will do?

Thanks so much!!

Bread is OK. Unless it is seductively delicious, most people eat only one.
The apple cobbler would be a great choice, or the third pan. The thing about multiple desserts, is, people eat way more dessert, because they want to taste everything.
Yes, the punch is OK, people will probably not do too much since it is with dinner.