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Cooking 2 prime rib roasts
I will be cooking 2 prime rib roasts in the BBQ together over indirect heat. How much time should I allow to cook them? They are approx 8 1/2 to 9 lbs each ( it was a 17 1/2 lb roast that was cut in half) I was planning to cook them at about 325 degrees. I know that to cook a whole 17-18 lb roast would be about 12-14 minutes a lb, but do you change that when it has been cut into 2 separate you figure time based on an 8 1/2 lb roast or a 17 lb roast? Help, I need to do this tomorrow! Thanks!!
You figure it based on the weight of the smaller piece, pull that one when the internal temp is correct, and check the larger- since they are so close, it may be done too, or require just another 10-15 minutes. Lucky guests!