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wedding reception for 225
I am making gnocchi for a wedding reception to have as a side along with roasted potatoes, green beans and turkey, how much gnocchi should I make?
Nice; because this is a special dish, people will take a little more than a regular side dish. Allow about 4 ounces per person- 1 pound for 4 to at most 5 people.
we are getting married and doing the foog ourselves and instead of finger foods we decided to serve jambalya and chicken fettucini because the wedding is at 6:oo i have no idea how much to make for 200 people please help
I would make jambalaya using 12 pounds of rice and about 45 pounds of meats and the chicken using 12 pounds of noodles and about 65 pounds of chicken pieces. That will give you something over 100 servings of each. Read the article on wedding dinners; you need help.
I have been asked to come up with a menu for a wedding party of 250 people but they want only appetizers. They want items like tortilla rolls, pot of chile, beans, posole and for me to come up with something else that complements the other items. I don't even have any idea how much food I will need to pull this off.
HELP!! Thanks
Pati, if you have never estimated an appie supper this size, that means you have never COOKED an appie supper this size and believe me, a wedding reception is NOT the place to do this for the first time.

Also amounts vary based on the time of the wedding and reception- have to know this to estimate.

Also this sounds mare like a texmex buffet with a few international touches???

Also, need kitchen and serving info and some kind of budget framework; are we talking meatballs or stuffed shrimp here?

You can write back.

how to make party punch for 250 cheese,fruit asnd veggi tray for 200 pepole. tried searching the web page i'm lost
pasta salad with shrimp for 200 people
For advice and links on punch, see the long punch thread in this forum. For fruit trays, see the fruit tray page There is a guide for 25, you would use 8 times this amount for 200. The veggie tray page, you want 2 ounces (6 pieces) per person, there are instructions on how much to buy to get the right number of pieces. Cheese 18 pounds for 100 plus 6-7 pounds of crackers for 100- double for 200. Pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100, add about 6-8 pounds of salad size shrimp for 100.
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