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28 lb turkey - what size pan and best way to roast
A friend just gave me a 28lb free-range turkey (non frozen). I need to find a pan large enough to roast it. What size will I need and what is the best way to roast this huge bird? I don't want to dry it out.
See the discussion about large bird roasting on the turkey roasting thread. If it will not fit into a standard roasting pan such as the blue ones available at older hardware stores and Walmart, you will have to go to a restaurant supply store for a pan. But MEASURE YOUR OVEN first; the pan needs to leave at least 1 inch on all sides empty, 2 inches if it is a convection oven.
I split these front and back and start the dark meat in the preheated oven a half hour before I put the white meat in. I like the juicier white meat better than the looks of the whole turkey.
For help on timing see this site: