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safety of chicken in crock pot on low for 7 hours
My mother put a cornish hen in a crockpot around 2 pm and by 6 pm, it still hadn't cooked. I arrived at 9:30 PM and discovered she had misread the settings and had put it on "warm" instead of "low" or "high". I told her it would be spoiled and to throw it away, but she is insisting on cooking it overnight. She plans to eat it tommorrow. I'm worried about salmonella contamination. She is 86 and has diabetes. Any ideas or advice out there?
Yes, you are correct that this is not a safe idea, and at her age and with the diabetes is a completely avoidable risk. Take her a rotisserie chicken in her favorite flavor in the morning and trade her. Does she need some new glasses?
Low would have been perfectly safe, though overcooked. Also, keeping it this long after incorrect not-cooking, worsens the likelihood of risk. And no, not all types of food poisoning have a bad smell.
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