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Christmas Open House
Hello! I am coordinating the planning of a Christmas Open House for my department. We are hosting it for the first time. We are expecting roughly 100 people and it will run from 11 - 1. The following are the dishes that the committee would like to serve. I have people helping me prepare the dishes, but I am responsible for organizing who brings what and how much. Could you look over the list and tell me if I've done a pretty good job with estimates? Have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Chicken Tenders w/dip - we will purchase 2 lg party trays(from Walmart) that serve 28-30 and 2btles each of honey mustard adn bbq sauce
Cocktail smokies - 12 lbs
Sweet and Sour meatballs - 12 lbs
Vege Tray(not real popular here) w/dip - use your guide for 50-60 people
Fruit Tray w/dip - use your guide for 500 pcs
Cheese tray - 11 lbs misc cheeses (too much?)
Pasta Salad - 5 lbs pasta w/ 8c veges & 3 blt italian dressing (not sure how much it yields)
Italian Bean Dip (cold) - 9c
Spinach dip (cold) - 8c
BLT dip (cold) - 6c
Buffalo Chicken Dip (hot) - 9c
Broccoli Dip (hot) - 8c
Chipped Beef Cheeseball - 2 balls
Misc dippers-ritz, wheat thins, scoops, tostitos, bagel crisps, hawaaiin bread pcs
Chicken Salad Finger Sand.-appx 150 (very popular)
Pimento cheese sand-appx 75 (not real popular)
Tuna Salad sand.-appx 100
Miniature pound cake slices - 1 recipe
Miniature banana bread slices - 1 recipe
Chocolate chip cheeseball served with graham crackers - roughly 5c (3balls)
Coconut butterballs - 50pc
pecan pie minimuffins - 75pc
Peanut Brittle - 4 lbs
Lemon Drop Muffins - 100pc
Cold punch - 4 gallons
Hot Apple Cide - 3 gallons
Ice Water

This looks like plenty, even if everyone comes hungry (which they will in this time slot). Have some of the cheese in slices.
I would add dinner level coffee service (see my beverage planning page). I might do a fruity iced tea instead of a sweet punch.
Put the chicken tenders at the end of the table or they will get scarfed up.
Consider having the sweets and desserts on a separate table.
Great! Thanks so much!

On another note, I am making Rotel Chicken Spaghetti for a group of 75 college students this week. The recipe calls for Velveeta cheese, but I hate having to use that processed stuff! Do you think the basic cheese sauce you use for the macaroni would be a good substitute for the velveeta? Or would it make the texture to dry? And, do you think the casserole would still freeze well with the substitution?


It would be fine, as long as you use flour and not cornstarch for the sauce.