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Cinnamon rolls for a crowd
Thanks so much for all your info...You've helped me so much with large scale cooking..I have a question. Our church is considering doing homemade yeast-based cinnamon rolls freshly baked every Sunday morning, probably mini sized..My question is..is this feasible? I am thinking that if we could do the rolls in advance, flash freeze the individual rolls on a tray, then thaw and do the rise overnight in the commercial fridge, we might be able to do it...We would need to do enough for about 200 folks. Thoughts?
One recipe I use when making rolls including cinnamon rolls for lots, is the angel biscuit (refrigerated yeast dough) recipe.

Your method might work very well, you should try it with the recipe that you will be using; some raw doughs freeze much better than others. Also, you may find you want to go all the way through to partially baked (the old "brown and serve method, where they are fully risen and set but not yet brown) freeze in trays and then finish the bake morning of.

It would be kind to have something the lower carb folks could eat. There is a recipe on the net called Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles. It can be made with 1 cup of Splenda and 1/2 cup sugar instead of all sugar in the dough Aand is DEElicious...

Is the Angel dough recipe on your site...I don't see it...Thanks so much for your advice...I think I'll try it small scale a few times (Lord knows, our set up crew will gobble up any "mistakes"!!)
Here is the URL:


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