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Checking my food quantities
I am helping cook for a buffet reception of 300. There are 2 meats, rice & potatoes, a vegetable and salad. Not sure if I am calculating this right with multiple dishes. Beef Burgundy - 80lbs chuck roast, Boneless, skinless chicken breasts(cut on the smaller side) - 80lbs, rice - 200 servings, potatoes - 80 lbs, vegetable - 50lbs, salad - not sure.
I so appreciate your site - Thank you!
If the beef has plenty of vegetables in the mix, it is very close, but if it is basically just beef and sauce, I would do 100 pounds raw at a minimum, cooked low and slow to reduce shrinkage. The chicken is OK as the second meat.

Rice and potatoes OK, but there won't be much left of the potatoes if it is a popular method.

Vegetables are way short. You need at least 65 pounds frozen/ ready to cook for a single vegetable, and one way I save money on the meat and help the plates look great is to add a second vegetable, such as green beans plus grilled tomatoes or roasted vegetables or corn casserole or summer squash bake. This is an overlooked area, which can really help your menu shine at low cost.

For a single salad, use three times the amount for 100. For a more interesting arrangement, do 3 different ones, about 120 servings each. If one is cut up fruit do 150-180 of that one.

Enjoy your meal.

We are having a New Olreans dinner buffet for 85 people.Having Alligator,Jambalaya,Red Beans and Rice,Cajun Coleslaw,Cajun veggie casserolle,muffalettas,barbecue bread,blackened shrimp,bread pudding,Im kind of at a loss to on how many x I should increase recipes??Dont want to run out and dont want to have bunches left over.We will be serving it through the buffet.10/14/09 buying grocerys on the 20th.
Sherry, this is too many dishes. Cut out either the jambalaya or the red beans and rice, I vote for the jambalaya.
Make mini muffaletta (the size of a large hamburger bun), cut into quarters with toothpicks to hold together. serve as an appetizer, allow 2 fir each 6 people.
Alligator and shrimp 3 ounces each per person. Shrimp is wildly popular, people will eat all you have, put it last on the buffet.
8-10 pounds bread.
Red beans, 1/2 cup per person.
Rice 6 1/2 pounds dry rice - people will take it plain just as a side dish.
Slaw is the same as regular, veggie casserole also, see the plan for 100 page and use 5/6.
Bread pudding about 6-7 9x13 pans, about 5 quarts of rum sauce.
I am planning a chinese buffet party for 44 people. The food will be placed wire rack buffet racks (they contain l large aluminum pan for the water, 2 smaller pans for the food) and kept warm using 2 cans of sterno on each rack.
The dishes are chicken with snow peas, shrimp with mixed vegetables, terriayaki chicken on skewers and fried rice. How many pans of each dish will need to purchase for 44 people to have enough food?