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Cooking for 500 people
We are doing a fund raiser. We are serving drummettes and fries in a basket approx 5 drummettes and small fries or an order of nachos with cheese. How many pounds of wings, fries, nachos and cheese sauce for 500 people?
The size of the chicken pieces varies quite a bit; talk to your restaurant supplier or wholesale grocer directrly and buy by the 40 pound case. They can advise you on how many cases.
It is not clear how many orders of chicken and how many orders of nachos you expect to make. If you can tell me the number of each, I can probably help you with the shopping. there is no way I can predict how many of each you will need; I don't know the age or type of crowd, time of day, event, etc.
1500 plate fundraiser
How much slaw/baked beans would we serve to each person? and how many pounds of each would we need?
Usual service is 1/2 cup scoop of each per plate for beans, 1/2 to 3/4 for potato salad, that is just over 3 gallons per 100 for and 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 gallons per 100 for potato salad. Weights per gallon vary, depending on the recipe; you can weigh a pint and multiply.
How many pounds of potatoes do I need to purchase to make mash potatoes for 400 guest
About 140 pounds. They come in 40 pound cases and 4 would not be too much.
We are doing a beneifit for my nephew who is going to need a liver transplant. Rigattoni dinner for 500 people. Can you please break it down on what i'm going to need. My mind is not working. Thank you!!!
Everything you need to know is on the spaghetti page- see the dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the page- use 8-10 times the amounts. You can also do the mostaciolli sausage-mozzarella bake for 120 and do 4 times the amount.

Hope your nephew does OK. I support universal health care.