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mac and cheese NESCO
I am making mac and cheese for 30 people. How do I do this in a Nesco?


You use the cookwell (the removable inside pan)as a giant casserole. This is an excellent amount to make in 1 18 quart roaster. 3 -4 x the amount for a 9x13 pan, coat well with shortening/grease/grilling PAM and grated Parmesan before adding the casserole ingredients (already mixed). Top does not get brown, sometimes I sprinkle on those crunch Frenchfried onions you use on green bean casserole for the last 15 minutes. Increase the cooking time about 1/2 but DO NOT increase the temp- you can even lower it slightly if thefood has been refrigerated overnight, to decrease the chance of drying out the edges.
Thaks Ellen!!
Should I cook this in the oven? Or the Nesco? What temp and for how long? Do I need to stir half way through?

Thanks again.

You can cook it right in the Nesco, it does not brown. Or in the oven and keep hot at 180 in the Nesco. Time depends on whether the dish has been in the refrigerator- that doubles the time with the large deep amount in the pan. I would allow 3 hours at 325-350 for a cold, deep pan; check with a thermometer after 2 hours, when it is 180 in the middle, turn doown to 180.
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