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Women's History
SFC Michael Isaza
I am preparing a meal for 22 people as part of a project celebrating "Women's History". My initial goal was to prepare signature item's relative to famous women in history but I have hit a stand still and totally lost my way. Do you have any suggestion's on what would be appropriate for this occasion? Thank's for any suggestions you may have.
OK. There is a good recently published cookbook called "Wild Women in the Kitchen", which would give you ideas, such as Isadora Duncan's asparagus salad, kd laing's indonesian salad with spicy peanut dressing, Diane Clement's Vegetable Gratin, Jessica Mitford's chicken paprikas, pizza margherita. Or pick a great food writer such as MFK Fischer and do a lunch with her reipres.

You could possibly do a traditional lunch such as a "bridge lunch" or "women's club lunch", such as chicken salad, croissants, iced tea and brownies. Or Anna, Duchess of Bedford's tea party.