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Luau for 100
I am trying to be responsible and find my answer without bothering you...but there are sooo many and I can't seem to find the direct answer. Thank you for this site!

I am planning a luau for 100 as a rough estimate. We are doing tradition Kalua Pork (in the crock pot), Teriyaki Chicken, marinated shrimp, hawaiin rolls, rice, sweet potatoes, green salad, and a variety of dessert options.

Question 1) I have seen your recommendation for pulled pork sandwiches and for the raw BONELESS meat quantity, but I can only find bone-in pork shoulder, much should I buy? Do I really need 1 pound raw bonless per person (I think that is what I read in your guide)?

Question 2)I am doing chicken breasts only, so how many pounds should I buy?

Question 3) If I have 3 meats, and want to be conservative with the shrimp, how many pounds should I have on hand?

Thank You!

The 1 pound per person is for whole pig or spareribs. For raw bone-in shoulder, 1 pound will yield three good size sandwiches. Allow 1 per person.
For the chicken breasts, you want to end up with three ounces for every person. A 4 ounce boneless skinless breast will give you a 3 ounce portion.
The difficulty with shrimp is that if it is buffet style, people really gobble it up. If it is chilled, you can serve it in sauce in pre-measured small plastic cups- add some shredded celery and possibly pineapple to bulk it out- but you still need at least 3 ounces per person peeled, shelled shrimp. This is discussed in the shrimp listing of plan for 100. You might consider a chilled shrimp and rice salad or a shrimp fried rice to have shrimp without busting the budget.
The pork will not be in sandwich form, and I anticipate that people will take more. Do you think that 2 sevings per 1 pound of raw bone-in shoulder would work? That is a good idea for the shrimp. I am doing a mango marinade, and can bulk it out with diced mango. Thank you.
Ellen Yes, that was a BAD typo! I pound raw for 2 people is fine with the other meats.