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Cold buffet, do I need another salad?
I am in the final selection of menu planning my MIL's 70th birthday party. We are expecting 50-60 people. I am thinking cold buffet: shrimp on ice, meat,cheese ball,cracker tray, veggie tray, deviled eggs, fruit bowl, bow-tie pasta salad, Costco pinwheel sandwiches, ham,roast beef, cheese slices to make sandwiches, potato chips. Should I add another salad? What kind? I also have a chocolate fountain with alot of dipping items.
Also, do you think a Costco standard sheet cake will be enough for that many people?
I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions.
You have a LOT of food for this size group! A full sheet cake will be fine. If I were adding a dish it would be chilled marinated veggies, whole green beans, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, whole mushrooms, etc, possibly eliminating the raw veggie tray.