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pot roast for 75
We are planning on serving 75 people at a fidhing derby. We want to make New England Pot Roast. We are going to cook thses in crock pots and are unsure of the amount of meat, potatoes, carots and onoins to cook.
You will have hungry people, you want about 38 pounds lean boneless beef (chuck is great for this), 26-30 pounds of potatoes and about 15 pounds each of onions and carrots. Have good bread. Have good bread and consider a side dish with beans such as my deacons' beans or baked beans- 6 pounds dry to start. Some New England recipes also have cabbage or celery- about 10-12 pounds.

There is a great beef base called better than bouillon beef base, it cost about $7 a jar and two jars would add immensely to the quality of the gravy.

Many New England recipes rub horseradish (from the refrigerated section in a jar) in a thin layer over the meat before cooking.

If you use cabbage, it only goes in the last hour.

Bottom round is also a good choice.

Thanks for the info.