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100 people
I'm having a bridal shower for 100 people.. I plan on having Chicken and Steak salads..with french fries, and lettuce, tomato, cukes, onions, shredded carrots, olives (blk & grn), brocolli, shredded cheese, sliced radishes, chic peas, beets. My question is how much of each ingredient would I need..
I'm also having wedding soup, how much would I have to prepare..I'm having 100 people
Lynne, since I posted my tables in 2004, I no longer do free initial estimates. You are welcome to use the tables to prepare an estimate and post it, and I will be glad to review and comment for you.

Here are a few comments:

When serving chicken and beef, you want to have enough of both for people to get their first choice. For salads, this works out to 4 ounces ready to eat beef PLUS 2-3 ounces ready to eat chicken per person. You can use the baked potato bar worksheet for the amounts for the other items, it is basically the same for salad bars, potato bars and taco bars. Button at the top of the main cook talk page. You would want about 2 ounces of greens per person.

There is an article on setting up salad bars on this site.

I would suggest you consider chips such as Fritoes scoops instead of french fries. The fries are a real challenge to prepare for this large a group and keep fresh and hot. You could serve a queso dip- 1/4 cup per person- and the chips would be very popular.

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