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Gravy Keeping
Is it ok to keep homemade chicken stock sitting out on the stove over night?


is it ok to keep the gravy made from that stock, sitting out overnight?

NO and NONONONO. Chicken broth at these temps is used to grow dangerous bacterias in labs. Only if it has been simmering (heated to bubbling) continuously, is it safe to leave out.
Oh, thank you. I had left the gravy out last night, this morning my daughter put some on the dressing for a breakfast.
The gravy was cooked good yesterday (Christmas dinner) and was heated and simmering and bubbling when cooked, it was left out overnight on the stove, and my daughter reheated it for a breakfast.

I hope that her bit she used is not going to get her ill.

chicken broth
Yesterday I cooked chicken broth and was still bebbling hot to put in fridge. I've put it in the fridge this morning to reheat it later.Is it safe to eat?
It sat out all night at room temperature? NO it is not safe to reheat and eat. You should have put it in the fridge right away, in shallow pans, or set it in a bowl of ice and then immediately put it in the fridge.
I made stock from veal bones and cooked it for 4 hours. I let it sit out to cool and then I forgot to refrigerate it . It sat out all night. Is there anything I can do to save it?
Oh, ouch! Sorry to say, no way to make it safe for sure...
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