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19 pound ham for christmas dinner
Help!! I am making a 19 pound ham for christmas dinner tomorrow and this is the first time i have ever used my rival 22 qt roaster oven. how long do i let the ham cook for? what all do i need to do before cooking it in the roaster? please please help!! many thank yous in advance?
First, you need to run the roaster empty outside for example, for an hour before you cook in it the first time to burn off manufacturing residue. It smells, and affects the food taste.

As to the ham: temp is the same as regular or may be turned down 25 degrees. Time is usually 15 30 minutes less than the total for the oven. A country ham is 25 minutes per pound in the regular oven, a bone-in regular about 22. The internal temp must be 165 degrees.

Precooked is only 10-15 per pound.

Merry Christmas