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Carbon steel knives
Maurice Hubert
I have just ben led to your site and picked up some bits about carbon steel knives from back in 2003. I too have become disenchanted with high price amazing german knives I have a set of Zwillings that I would be happy to part with. So in a quest to find just a Carbon steel Carver "old Fashioned" I have sort help from the area around Sheffielsd England and alocal freind. eventually I he put me in touch with aguy that makes Knives and for a mdest exchange of currency he is shipping me a carbon steel carving knife , just like mother used. I do not know if this third party contact can make or get any more but once I have tried it I will post a result and if anyone is iterested I will see if any more can be purchased.
Hi, Maurice,

Good luck. I don't encourage selling via these boards, as a reader got cheated once- I do suggest you sell via EBay or another reliable online auction site, and you may pat an announcement here.