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keeping breakfst burritos warm
Kathy Berg
I want to make breakfast burritos for my husbands co-workers. I need to make them and keep them warm for serving. My problem is how to keep them warm. If I wrap them in foil the eggs could turn green. Any ideas????
You don't say how many burritos or how long you need to keep them warm.

If it is a moderate number, consider preheating an ice chest as described in the baked potato bar article, then layering with wax paper. Usually the foil-wrapped eggs turn green only because of oevrheating.

Breakfast burritos prepped night b4 event
We're doing a church fund-raiser--cooking up LARGE (using 10" flour tortillas) breakfast burritos for 200. Basic recipe will include scrambled eggs; sausage; hash browns.

We're cooking/putting them together the night before the event--starting at 6:00 pm on the cooking----will serve them 7AM - 11 AM the next morning.

We "plan" to store them overnight in the frig; then pre-heat some roasters around 6AM & then place them in the roaster to keep them warm.

Quest's: 1) how many roasters would we need? 2) what temp would we keep them at to keep them safe, but not soggy and not "over-heated?" 3) Do we need to stagger-place them in roasters---rather than all of them at once?
4) Will this "game plan" even work?

I have totally NO EXPERIENCE with roasters--we are borrowing various ones from members of the congregation. Do we need liners? Do we put water in the bottom??

Please help ASAP...thanks!!!

Breakfast burritos prepped night b4 event (cont'd)
Add'd quest: We planned to wrap them immediately after cooking/filling with wax paper; then foil---then refrigerate them. Then, put them in the roasters in the AM. Is the "foil thing" a bad idea? (I saw the 11/22/08 quest from Kathy about "foil turning the eggs green")
Officecat, this is not a particularly safe plan because of the problem with safely and quickly cooling and need for LARGE cooling facilities. Also, you can only safely hold 2 hours. Making well ahead and freezing would be much safer. See the frozen burrito recipe in the OAMC section.

Or prepping as ordered?


Also, you could reheat in shifts, not all at once. Here is another help for ideas:
Breakfast burritos prepped night b4 event (cont'd)
Ellen--thanks for the prompt response and good advice. Our problem is "logistics," in that we have a small church kitchen w/only 3 reg-size frig's w/small freezers; PLUS, we are serving in a new Fellowship Hall UPSTAIRS, with no kitchen facilities (it's in future plans). To freeze these; will have to haul them to my house(5 min's away)where I have a large upright freezer that I can make available. Then transport them back to the church in the early AM. Then, can re-heat them in shifts via the roasters. Guess we'll have to do that; OR be cooking them downstairs while trying to serve; and I don't think I'll have enough workers.

Oh Lord, how did I get into this mess??? We thought this would be something we could "prep ahead of time and not have to worry about the day of serving."

Thanks again, and God bless you!!

OK. How about you make an egg, cheese and potato casserole in the roasters and you put this into the tortillas on the morning of? You can put the casserole together and put it in the fridges the night before, start it in the ovens downstairs in the AM, move the cooked pans to the roasters at 180 degrees- one or two will have to be started early for the 6AM shift- but you want to serve the stuff withing 2 hours of the time it is finished.
Discussion about potatoes casseroles in roasters in the recipe at the bottom of the festive family brunch page.
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