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22qt roaster for thanksgiving turkey
Hello Ellen

This year i'm going to make a 22 lb turkey in a roaster oven (nesco). I've read online that it says at the end you should take it out of the roaster, butter it and finish cooking it in the oven to brown the skin? If so, at what temp should i take the turkey out? It also says if you cook it till its done reaching its temp, it will be dry and overcooked due to the fact that when you take a turkey out it still cooks if you leave it sit for 30 minutes (therefore it will be way over its temp and over done). Is this true with a roaster or oven? I just need to know what temp I should take it out at, to butter it and brown the skin in my regular oven. Thanks for all of your help! :) Also what temp should it brown at in the oven?

Alton Brown, a very savvy food scientist, browns at 500 for 12-20 minutes with the legs to the back BEFORE roasting at 300-325. If I were doing a two part effort, that is what I would do. Just be sure to preheat the oven before adding the turkey. Then when you put the bird in the oven, start preheating the roatster.

I take my bird out earlier than the USDA does. Temps are discussed at some length in the turkey cooking article in the holiday cooking section at the top of big pots. It rises just about 5 degrees after it comes out of the oven.

22qt roaster for turkey
Ellen, I have a 22 qt.Reval roaster and I wood like to warm up a precook turkey it. The instruction on the pkg. is to put in oven at 350 for 5 minute's per lbs.. Can I do this? thank's for the time Tom
Yes, just be SURE to preheat the roaster for 20 minutes before you add the turkey and start timing it. The safest way to check on pre-warming is to use a quick read thermometer (you can get a good one for about $5 at Ross or Marshals) to check that it is 165-180 in the middle of the thigh or the center of a casserole dish.