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Dinner meeting for 110-125
Hi Ellen.

In January we're conducting an annual sportsclub meeting and I've been asked to head up the kitchen.

So far I'm planning on 7 times the recipe of your Orange Dijon chicken (I've made it once and it went over quite well) in three roasters.

For the sides I have two questions:

1. I thought rice pilaf would do well using your /recipebox/bakerice.html in three roasters.

2. What vegetable do you like to serve with this?

This is an evening meal, say 7PM, nearly all men, but overly huge portions wouldn't be expected. I have beverages and rolls etc covered and more roasters and two ovens available. I'm planning to do all the cooking that day with plenty of help.

Thanks, again, your site is a great help.

1. will work fine, and you will have plenty. See the thread labeled wedding reception menu ideas for discussion of this dish.

2.A whole green bean medley would look great on this plate. Or roasted/ grilled summer squash with roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Do you prefer using an oven over a roaster for rice? I'm a little nervous about that side as I've never done that much at one time before....
No, both work equally well, and the roaster is actually a bit simpler, as you boil and then turn down without having to move a very heavy, very hot pan from stovetop to ovn.
How about the "Savory Fresh Green Beans with Bacon" recipe you have? Or is that a little too much?
I think that would be fine.
I had a lot of compliments on the dinner. Thank you! I talked to a guy yesterday that went to another meeting up in Michigan (Toledo here) and they were still talking about the chicken. You got all the credit. ;)
It IS a good recipe isn't it! Thanks for the follow up.
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