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Cooking for crowds
Ronda Jones
HELP! I have agreed to prepare a meal for 450 people at our church. I have cooked many times for 50-100, but this is a challenge. I plan to serve beef brisket but would like some guidance on how much to purchase. We plan to serve each person 2 or 3 fairly thin slices of the cooked brisket. Any idea how much I will need? This event is August 15 so I am running out of time. THANKS! I appreciate your help.
Dear Ronda,

The forum went down a nd I completely missed your deadline, but here is how I would figure it.

For a full meal for mostly adults-
(teens, seniors or kids would affect the amount)

Whole brisket is a fatty meat, figure three servings per raw pound, so 150 pounds. Use a slow cooking method to reduce shrinkage, check internal temp of the thickest part of the largest piece with a thermometer starting at 3/4 the way through. Do some fat trimming before you bake, then season or marinate, then about 1 hour per pound of the largest piece. For example, the pieces are 9-12 pounds, plan on up to 12 hours. 1 hour at 300 and turn down the oven to 180 for the rest of the cooking. For a true roasted flavor set on racks above the pans, and start thinking about what you will do with the wonderful juices.

Remove from oven and let cool AT LEAST 30 minutes before slicing to reduce juice loss. You can layer into pans, and skimmed juices or sauce, and rehaet, but it is very wonderful served soon after prep.

Linda Hancock
Dear Ellen:
Our church wants to serve thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and elderly in our community. We want to start out this year by planning on serving 100-120. We need help determining how many turkeys to cook etc. Our members will cook the turkeys and side foods at their homes and bring them in as we do for pot luck. Do you have any suggestions for us. We would so appreciate any help you could give.
Hi, Linda,

From Thanksgiving through Christmas there is an outpouring of generosity in communities, and that is great. Now that you are figuring out how to do this, may I suggest that you also consider scheduling a second "Thanksgiving in February", when people are still hungry and a lot of folks have gotten focused at home?

Also, talk now about how you will publicize or find your guestes. Many of the most needy elderly live alone, in fairly dire circumstances, and busses don't run well on the holidays. Thanksgiving comes at the end of the month, when money is short or gone. Will you take meals to the homebound? Your children's program can make placemats and cards. If you have not done much work with the homeless and poor, you will be surprised to see how may children are included in that number.

Will your members sit down and dine with the guests? Hope so. Here in San Antonio, the annual Raoul Jimenez Thanksgiving dinner has become a true community feast.

Thanksgiving comes at the end of the month, when money is short or gone. So, if you can plan for it, it is a wonderful thing to provide a whole "take home" package for each person- an extra plate of food, maybe with a package of dry things such as candy, breakfast/cereal bars or cookies or muffins, some hard fruit such as oranges or apples.

Please encourage your members to read the food safety article and be VERY careful about cooking and refrigeration, especially for turkeys and dressing after cooking.

Even if many people are each cooking a meal, I suggest you settle on a menu guideline. Otherwise, you will find yourself with some folks bringing sweet potatoes and white mashed, others one or the other, and some odd shortages. People even have strong preferences about whole berry cranberry relish or jelly. It is a nice choice.

Also, some members may not want to or be able to provide a whole meal, but can do something wonderful like really good rolls, lots of real gravy, special beverages, etc- try to make every part of the meal special. And do get really sturdy plates, "silverware" and serving utensils.

Larger turkey provide more meat per pound. You want to allow 1 pound of raw bird per meal planned. Sometimes people also plan on ham 1/3 to 1/2 pound each, if you have both many folks like to have both! Also, it is a wonderful thing to provide a whole "take home" package for each person- but you have to plan ahead for amounts, good take out containers, etc.

this will give you a starting place- let me know how else I can help- Ellen

help! I need quantities to cook for 200 people. I am preparing Tossed green salad, Browm rice, String beans with mixed vegetables, curry tofu in a coconut sauce and orange juice and pineapple juice punch.
Thanks Zenzele
This is about what I would buy for this menu for 200 adults for a standard meal, ie they haven't been working or playing hard, haven't been drinking, etc:

40-50 heads lettuce, or replace some with other salad vegetables
2 1/2 gallons dressing
(However, this time of year I would seriously consider cooked marinated vegetables, because they can be prepared ahead, don't wilt)
1 cup cooked brown rice per person, using the baked rice recipe:
90-100 cups raw, which is approximately 45 pounds
1 pound of string beans or vegetables for each 3 servings, so about 60 pounds, you figure the mix
60 pounds of tofu for the curry; you should check with a local Chinese market or restaurant for a wholesale source
Whatever ingredients you plan for your curry sauce to make 1 to 1/2 cups of sauce per serving(Coconut milk is very expensive-)

condiments for the curry, such as
3 quarts of chopped salted peanuts or mixed nuts,
about 3 gallons of my crockpot chutney (look in the big pots section), probably apricot, peach or tomato
raisins, currants or other chopped dried fruit, about 6 1/2 quarts

I would not omit bread. Pita is possible. Flour tortillas warmed on a grill make a usable substitute for chapati or naan if you don't have either of those. Allow 3/4 of a pita or 1-2 tortillas each.

For punch allow 1 measuring cup apiece, but you also need water. I would recommend black tea (hot if possible) for this sit down meal or if you are not serving a sweet or dessert, you might consider chai tea- see the recipe in big pots.

Have a happy festivity. Ellen

We are having a fundraiser dinner and planning to serve 100-225 people.I need to know how many turkey breast ,garden salad,green beans dinner rolls and potatoe pie
Hello, Cissy,

This is a very big range for amounts. Please check the other thread "cooking meal for large..." for more turkey info, also, for more help.

You will need to buy 1/3 pound of rolled boneless turkey per person, and you will need 1/6 of a 9" pie or 1/8th of a 10" pie. The rest of the amounts are covered above- Ellen

My organization is preparing for banquet of 200 people, i'm in charge of the green beens. How many gallons would I need? Thanks.
tammi foster
i'm serving brisket for 75 people how many pounds would you suggest we purchase for this event

I am doing a breakfast for 100. I need to know the best way to prepare scrambled eggs that will have them all finished at one time. I have heard about an oven method, but with no details. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.
Green beans: 200 people@ 1/2 cup=100 cups=25 quarts=about 8 #10 cans.

Brisket for 75 people, its a fatty meat, about 35 pounds, or around 5 whole briskets.

Scrambled eggs that hold:
Yes you sure can do this, this recipe, which is lengthy, is in my eggs faqs, see the Recipe Box index.



Any help would be appreciated. I am cooking chicken for 100 people and need to know how many chickens I should purchase. Also, what is the best steak to purchase for stir fry? Any idea how many steaks to purchase to make stir fry for 100 people as well. Thanks
I need to cook rice for 100 people over a large propane burner outdoors. No electricity available. What is the largest quantity of rice that can be boiled at one time, what is the water/rice ratio for that amount, and what size pot should I use: tall/skinny or a pot with a broader base?
I am cooking pork barbeque for 100 people. How many pounds of raw boston butts would it take?
I need to know ASAP. Thanks,
bobby miller
how much boneless turkey breast do i need to buy for 200 people turkey breast weigh about 8-9 pounds
i would like to know how many pounds of pinto beans to buy to serve about 150 to 175 people. also potatoes and rice.
I also need to know how many loaves of bread to buy for 150 to 175 persons.
mary thompson
cooking flapjacks for a crowd of 125 people
Any recipes that you would suggest?


I need to know how many pounds of brisket (shredded)i need to serve 200 people. Also potatoe salad, cole slaw and beans. I sure can use the advice.
I'm planning a high school graduation party for approx. 100 people. We want to have meatball sandwiches, hot ham, ham sandwiches, potatoe salad, fruit salad,jellos, and veggie tray. Can you help me with the necessary quantities? Thanks so much,
I am preparing a salad bar for a lunch at church for at most about 100 people. The group is a mix of men and women. How do I guess how far ingredients will go in order to buy and cut up all the different vegetable toppings, lettuce, and diced meats?
how many chickens do i need to cook for 100 people for a wedding ? please email me
We are throwing a big fundraiser dinner for 200-250 people. Serving Southern-Style food and trying to keep it cheap: corn bread, bbq, mashed potatoes, candied yams, meatloaf, salad, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad, pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, corn on the cob.

If having lots of different sides, do you need to really have enough of each to serve the whole crowd?

any advice for cutting costs here, and how to cook this much! THanks!!

Emma Greene
I am cooking mashed potatoes for a wedding reception of 200 people. Do you have a recipe??? Please help!!!
Jackie Hoflin
HELP: I am doing roasted potates for 300 would like some suggestions on seasonings. Thanks
Brendan Behan
Help, I am cooking a Jack and Jill for my sister 275 to 300 people. I have done it before but I have no clue on amounts. I've forgotten. The menu is homemade meatballs(beef), sweet italian sausage with pepers and onions, baked chicken, baked potatoes and ziti with sauce. I need help with amount of ground beef, sausage and chicken to buy. Thank you in advance for your help.
I am cooking brisket for 150 people with bar-b-q sauce, Ranch Style beans, potatoe salad, chips, salsa, sliced bread, pickles and onions and soft drinks. How much of each do I need to prepare? Should I prepare a percentage over this amount to accomodate "big" eaters?
Virginia Fisher
Help! Having a BBQ for our daughters wedding. Need to know how many lbs. of raw boston butt to buy for 200 people. Some will be sliced and some will be minced. Also how many gal. of cole slaw and gallon's of bake beans do we need to buy. Need right away. Wedding June 14, 2003. Thanks a million.

How many gallons of sweet tea should I prepare to serve at a lunch for 75-100 people.

I need to know how many pounds of potatoes I would need to make potato salad for 60 people
I am preparing for a wedding receiption for 400 people that is serve yourself stations. I need to know how many pounds of shrimp to by and how much coctail sauce. BBQ Pork and Roast Beef are also on the menu. It's amazing that I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks
I need to know how many pounds of potatoes to serve 60 people if the recipe calls for 4 large potatoes and it serves 8. It's like a scalloped potato with a lot of extras.
I need to know how much meat I need for a Barbeque for 200 people. We are having chicken, Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket, and sausages.
We are doing a church dinner for 200 people and will be serving turkey breast & roast pork shoulder. We have already ordered about 70 lbs. of pork shoulder. How much boneless turkey breast would you suggest?
I am not cooking , but having someone cook for me for 182 people. She needs for me to buy the chicken but cant seem to tell me just how much to buy and I have no idea. Also 122 of that total is adults and the rest are children. Same goes for beans. I got the answer for rice up above (45 pounds ). Please help soon! Party is on the 29th. Also should I buy the food the day before the party or a few days prior? My fridge isnt very big so im scared to buy it early and not have enough space.


im havin a bar b que wedding in august appr 250 guests i need quantities we are having bar b que salmon corn on cob cold turkey ham and cold salads eg. potatoe salad cold slaw ,bean salad, buns, and wedding cake for dessert i need to know quantities thank you so much judy
Janet Latini
How much hot sausage would I need to make for 75 people?
help...we are having a 25th anniversary party for my son & daughter-on-law and we need to know the amount of nuts and mints needed to serve 125 people..
Louise Jackson
hi Ellen
Do you have any full menu suggestions for an outdoor summer meal, cold plate with a starter and a dessert for 100 servings. the clients are about 50 seniors and 50 family members. The food is usually fairly fancy for this event. Let me know if you have some recipes or menus that may suit. It will be at a Long Term Care Home so we have all the facilities. Thanks Louise
We are having a graduation party with approximately 70-75 guests. How many pieces of Fried Chicken should I order?
I have 12-15 lbs. of spaghetti sauce made and my husband thinks I need to make some sort of potatoe salad or party potatoes, how much would you make if you are having pasta too?

Thank you.

helping with 2 weddings, Help how many potatoes for 400 people, serving them mashed. next wedding, turkey for 250people, menu also includes ham, masked potatoes, friut salad[watermelon, cantelope, honey dew, strawberries, grapes] quanity for this fruit salad also. thanks for being here and this site!
I'm cooking beef tips in gravy, served over noodles for a wedding reception for 150 people. I will also be serving chicken, salad bar, fruit bar, vegetable bar, cheese and crackers, plus baked potatoes, corn and rolls. How much beef should I buy for the beef tips and gravy.

I would like to know how many pounds of pinto beans,potatoes salad, rice, 3 thin slices of brisket to buy to serve about 150-175 people,and how many gallons of sweet tea.
Thank You

I would like to know how many lbs of hamburger to buy for making Sloppy Joes to feed 100 people. We would like to plan for everyone to have 2 Sloppy Joes.
Thank you
I need to know how much food to prepare for approximately 75 people for a 25th anniversary party. The foods we have lined up are: chocolate dipped strawberries, cocktail weenies, ham roll ups, ham & cheese rolls. Also, how much punch.
Thank you.
I am having a 50th anniversary party for 60 people and plan on serving 5 different salads and cold meats. How do I know how much cold meat is needed to feed these people? I plan on serving 2 kinds of salami, ham, turkey, roast beef and possibly one other kind of meat. Any help would be appreciates
Diane DiGuiseppe
I own my own catering company. I am cooking for a wedding in August. There will be 75-100 people. The main course is beef brisket, chicken parmeasan and fish. How much pounds of beef would I need to cook for 50 people, because the main selection is beef? Also, how many pounds of potatos and green beans would I need to cook.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I am having a party and expect around 100-150 people in attendance. I would like to serve cold everything...shrimp, cheese, crackers, pate perhaps...and maybe another meat of some sort.

How many pounds of shrimp and cheese would you recommend for a crowd this size?

Respond soon I need your help Ellen!

Zoe in San Francisco

I am cooking brisket, sausage, pinto beans and
making potato salad. I am also serving pickle
slices and onion slices. What are the quantities I will need of each? Our wedding will 300 people. Help!
Help how would I prepare potatoe salad ahead of time and still have it tasting fresh.
How much rice do we need to buy to cook 70 people stir fry?
i need to know how uch potatoes salad bake beans,hamburgers, and hot dogs i will need for around 125 people thank you joan
Penny L.
Planning my daughter's wedding and doing most of the food myself (with the help of family). Please help w/ the amounts. Here's the menu:
Ham, meatballs, rigatoni, scalloped potatoes, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, rolls, jello salads, punch. Thanks for the help!!
Our church is having a spaghetti supper. We are planning to seve 150 people. I need a recipe for spaghetti sauce. We have fresh Roma Tomatoes from our garden. Also how much spaghetti and ground beef. Thanks for your help. The supper is Saturday.
I am hosting a halloween party for a company of about 125 people. I would like know about how many pounds of chicken wings will I need for hot wings? Also about how many meatballs? How many lil smokies for the same amount of people?
I will also be preparing a fruit trays, vegetable trays, cheeseball & cracker tray, tuna pasta, broccoli pasta.
Marvin Chapman
I am planning a meal for 125 people. We will be
serving fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, black eyed peas, cole slaw and dinner rolls. The group consist of all adults mostly senior citizens. How much of each item should we prepare?
I am cooking a hot beef dinner with potatoe salad for approximately 100 people. I would like to know how much of everything to buy, and maybe a good way to make both. Please email me, thank you
Help Please I offered to do a meat sauce spagetti dinner for the community of 275 my plans are spaghetti-No 10 can of spaghetti sauce-hamburg-shredded toss salad-garlic bread-sherbet how much of each do I need for 275.
ASAP Thank YOU! Regards Sherry
I need to know how many lbs of potatoes to buy to make potatoe salad for around 130 guests.
Thank you!

How many pounds of potato salad needed to feed 60 people. Thanks

I need tea for 60 people. How many gallons should I have?
I am cooking chicken parmagina for 120 people. how many pounds of chicken breast would i need? I want to serve, sausage,peppers,onion mixture also, again hoe many pounds sausages,peppers. we are havind stuffed shells,chicken parm, sausage pepper, cold cut sandiches,green salad. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!kathie
I need to know how much spaghetti sauce to make to feed 200 people for a fundraiser.
I need help on figuring out a Thanksgiving dinner for a group of 40.

The menu consists of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, baked beans, scalloped corn, sweet potatoes and dinner rolls.

how many pounds of potato, for 50 people. is 1 pound enough for 4 people.
I am cooking for a rehersal diner of 70 and need to know how many # of eye of round I would need
margaret kruse
hi i would like a punch recipe for a large group a christmas punch with liquor please rush!!the party is this weekend thank you much!!

Please, do you know of a recipie for crockpot
which is mainly little coctail sausages and
I think grape jelly? I have had it, but
don't know what to call it or exactly how
to make it. Does any of this ring a bell?


Ellen, I am cooking scrambled eggs for 50-70 high school kids and I was wondering how many eggs should I cook? Thank you
Willie Mae Jones
recipe; dressing for 200 people
bettye jordan
my church The First United Methodist of Olton, Texas is making the cornbread dressing for our community dinner for those with no Christmas meals. we will making dressing to serve 400 people and i wanted to know if you could give me a recipe for that amount? we would like to serve them a 6 1/2 oz. portion.
we will need the recipe before friday dec. 19, 2003. we are only doing dressing other churches will do meat, veggies and salads.
if you could help me i would very much appreciate it.
the recipe i have in mind consist of cornbread crumbled, bread torn and cubed, eggs,margarine, onion, celery, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, sage. can you give me the portions for this?
thank you
bettye from west texas
i need a recipe today for spagetti to feed 150 people. it is for my mom's Sunday School. i would like to know how much spagetti & sauce & a recipe for the sauce. thanks i need this fast.

No better info on the web for a big spaghetti dinner: The Growlies-

Ellen T

I need to know how many pounds of dry pinto beans and how many cups of dry rice I need to cook. The amount of people I need to feed is about 100.
I'm in charge of getting the items for a school fundraiser dinner for about 200 people. We are planning on Spaghetti & meatballs, Salad, Bread or Rolls. Then for dessert Sundaes. Could you please help me out on how much to purchase. And also if buying premade meatballs what is a good brand to buy. Thanks!
I am preparing a party with meatballs, hot wings, fruit and cheese. How much of each would I need to purchase. please help asap
For a crowd of 400

How Many?

hot wings
smoked suasuages
vegetable trays
fruit trays
pasta salad
chicken salad
boiled shrimp

Janet M. Souders
Help!! Veggie trays. We need to know how many vegetables we need to purchase to serve 100. Includes:Carrots,cauliflour,celery,cucumbers,
broccli,tiny tomatoes.
We need to know by Jan.28th,Wed.2004.
Thanks so much for any advice you can give us.
I'm cooking yellow rice, string beans, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, little smokies and fried chicken tips for 175 people. I have no idea how much of anything I need in order to feed all these people. Please help!!!
I'm cooking yellow rice, string beans, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, little smokies and fried chicken tips for 175 people. I have no idea how much of anything I need in order to feed all these people. Please help!!!
I am planning a fish fry for 150 people at church and need to know how many pounds of fish; and hush puppies. Also about how many jars of pickles. How many onions, ketchup, tartar sauce? I need help now!!
Debra Smith
We are planning a birthday party for our grandmother. She will be 100. I need toknow how much corn and peas (fresh from the garden) will I need to feed 100 people. I need to know by Thursday. Thanks for your Help!!!
How much boston butt do I need to buy for a party of 75? Also jow much chili do I need to make for 75 people?
I am cooking a benefit spagetti dinner for 3-400 people! I am overwhelmed. how much spagetti, sauce, garlic bread, coleslaw do I need to buy?
thanks for your help.
glenda luper
I am catering a brunch for a mother-daughter event. My menu consists of veggetable trays, fruit trays, cheeses, etc. A lot of finger foods. I've been told to plan on 350 - 400. I will also be serving some hot dishes and 3-4 different desserts. My question is: When buying fruits and vegetables for platters, how much will I need? Also, how many gallons of punch should i make?

When I have done events based on 100-125 people and made lots of different trays I always bought based on appoximately 80 servings and had a lot left over. I'm thinking since I will have a lot of different trays to base my menu on 1/3 or 150 servings. Does this seem realistic?

scalloped potatoes
I need a recipe for scalloped potatoes to feed 60 people. please
Am helping my son and his new wife plan a celebration of their marriage. Planning on approx 150 people. Her uncle is doing a hog roast which will include baked beans and scalloped potatoes, bread and plates, utensils. I want to do vegetable table and cheese, chips dips etc, chicken wings and possibly meatballs, anything else that would coordinate. I am unsure of how much raw vegetables to buy, also how many pounds of cheeses, how many pounds of dips to have and what is the usual quanity for chicken wings and meatballs per person. please email me back the reception is in 3 weeks
Linda Welsh
We are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for our borough fire company. How much would i need for 100 to 150 people. We are having spaghetti, salad and rolls. Thank You
Linda Welsh
E-mail correction
Pam Cook
I am preparing a vegetable tray for 50. Can you tell me the amounts of each fresh vegetable I will need? I know there is a standard chart for this but I can't seem to find one anywhere.

Thanks Pam Cook

I am cooking for a wedding of 300 people How much tri tip, rice pilaf , green beans and a roll and butter would i need too get to feed all these people ?
I am cooking rigatoni and meatballs for daughters wedding in 2 weeks, and I need to know how much to cook. We are having 130 people. And also how many rolls and butter?
Joyce Stauffer
I am in charge of a memorial service and am expecting 200 people for lunch. How much of the following foods should I prepare:
Chicken corn soup
cold cut platters with ham, turkey, and two kinds of cheese.
vegetable platter with carrots, celery, and cauliflower
fruit salad
This is all buffet style type meal. Thanks!
Our church youth group is making and serving sloppy joes and we need to know how many people can eat from a pound of sloppy joe mix?
Sandy Clark
I am cooking for my sons wedding, I need to know amounts, we are having rigatoni, also how far ahead can I make it, and how, the meatballs will be on the side, ham, chicken, scallopped potatoes, potato salad, green beans, baked beans, rolls, beverage is soda, cookie trays, veggie tray, and cheese tray. there are 186 rsvp and 14 in wedding party.
Thank you
jackie irovando
I'm doing a golf luncheon with baked pasta and
meat sauce, with ricotta cheese, I'm having a
problem staying under buget for 95 people
I need preparation amounts HELP!!!
Monic Cousineau
Hi Ellen im getting married in july ,we having 200 guests , im planning to make the midnight lunch , that will consist of sandwichs , salads, and trays of cold cut meats and vegetables, and cheese trays. could you give me some recipes, and how many trays i need for each items. thank you !! monic
Susan Dawkins
I need to cook mashed potatoes for 50 people. How many pounds of potatoes do I need to purchase to make twice baked potates for a crowd of 50 men?
Christine Hinchley
I am hosting an evening graduation party for my son and have rented a beautiful boathouse on a lake for the event. I am wondering how many pounds of hamburger to buy for sloppy joes and how many buns. Also, how many pounds of salads to figure per person figuring a variety of 4 kinds. Also, how much soda/water bottle should I figure per person? The event if from 6-11 PM.
Thank you!
I forgot to say in may last message that the graduation party I am hosting is for about 80 people!
Ellie Olson
I friend of mine is planning a fundraiser and is expecting about 250 people and they want to make Italian Spaghetti, how much of each does it take to prepare for a meal this size?

Thanks very much for your help.


how much sausage would you need to buy for approximately 300 people
our school is hosting a dinner theatre i was wondering how much suasage we would need to buy for around 300 people.
I need to prepare Turkey, stuffing, candid yams, gravy, green beens, and ice tea for 80 middle school students. How much of everything do I need
David Fortune
Hello Ellen, I am cooking for a surprise 60th birthday party for my wifes cousin. I would like to know how many pounds of brisket and how many pounds of pork and beef sausage to prepare. Thank you for being there for my guidance. David
I am having a reception for about 300 people about how many vegetable and cheese trays do you think I will need for that. Or I guess I should ask about how many vegetables should I buy for the big event.
Hello Ellen! I am cooking a breakfast for 200 people. The menu includes scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns,fruit, juice, and pastries. I am concerned about how many sausages to buy, also how many pounds, or bags of hash browns. I need to pull this off, I am cooking for a group of 200 ministers!! Thanks
We are having a birthday party on the 17th. I need to know how much to cook for abut 175 people. We are having breaded chicken, ham, bite-sized rigatone, parsleyed potatoes, green beans and tossed salad (the kind that comes in 5# packages). I just want to make sure of the quantities that we have. Please respond asap. Thank you..


As of April 14, I have finally posted all my tables for "serving 100 people", including breakfasts, appetizers, parties, BBQ/brisket, etc etc. This is the best estimate I can make on how much you will need for any given item, and there are LOTS of things listed.

Go to the Big Pots section and scroll down to the planning section; go to the page for what you want and you can figure out your quantities.

REMEMBER, these are serves 100- that means they already allow for seconds, etc- more than 100 servings.


We are planning a baby shower with an Italian menu for 50 people. My question is how many meatballs do I cook?
Rick W.
Would like some information on cooking a beef
brisket on my gas weber I have a brisket
for about 6 people any sugestions,
I plan on cooking it in the evening, then serving it for lunch because of time problems.
I would like to know how much chicken and tuna I would need to purchase as well as bread to make sandwiches for 200 people. They will of course be cut in quarter sizes. Also, about how much meat and cheese would I have to buy to make some nice looking trays as well to fee these 200 people?
Thanks a bunch for your help. Cecilia
I am going to have a buffet for my reception dinner and was wondering how much of stuff I will need to make for around 175 people. We will be having Turkey, Brisket, Potatoes, Green Beans, Corn, and Rolls. How much of each do you think?
betty manning
hi,we are planning a 40th birthday party for my daughter and i need some help.need food for 65 people, how much bbq, baked ham,and pasta salad would we need? thanks
Linda Melanson
Our Lions Club is contemplating providing a catering service. How much raw meat should be allowed per person for, roast beef, turkey or ham?

Thinking about self catering your wedding or another important event? It is HARD WORK. Read these first: self catering your wedding- VERY IMPORTANT read this
Then go tp the big pots section and scroll down to the planning and buying section for everything I can tell you about quantities.

If you need to email after reading, use
Happy dining, Ellen