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Millet bread at Sami's Bakery
I see all the chats going on about the millet breads. I bought a loaf at EarthFare and saw your site. I got concerned, so I called Sami's Bakery and asked how they get millet flour to rise like bread when it typically won't do that. The chef who answered said they use special equipment to make their Millet & Flax bread rise. It steams it or something and then they bake it. He said without the equipment, it wouldn't rise. Does anyone know anything about equipment like that? I don't know if it is true; but I am sure it could be. Thanks.
My only caution- Sami's also makes breads/products with gluten and some people are so sensitive they can have a reaction from cross contamination. So you have to see if it works for you, will for some, not for others. For good results with gluten free bread mix, consider balking in a crockpoyt (some of the same moisture). See:

Thanks so much. I was reading Cookwise about bread making and saw using steam. Put a pan of water on the oven floor. Spray the walls of the oven frequently with water. I plan to test it tomorrow.
Bruce Wright
Hi guys,
So IS there an way to get pure millet bread (made with an egg) to rise without the equip secret (which I still don't know)??? O would love the recipe or means or any help at all.
Millet alone has no gluten, so it can't catch the air and makes hockey pucks when you try to make loaves, it makes good flatbreads or injera.